There might be some of you out there who are oblivious of the difference between the binary compensation plan and the unilevel compensation plan. Well, to ease your confusion and to educate those who are oblivious of such a fact, we present to you this article. One of the main objective of this article is to give you insights about the characteristics of the two compensation plans.


Prior to us going further with the discussion of the said topic, we would like to remind you that both the binary and the unilevel compensation plans have its own advantages as well as disadvantages that is why it is you best responsibility to select the plan or the strategy that perfectly complements your needs and will work for the sake of your business together with a good compensation software vendors software. Both plans actually work in a completely different manner from each other. You need to do some variations of task so that you will be able to earn the highest commissions possible.


The first plan that we will be tackling is the binary compensation plan which is solely focused on sponsoring two distributors in both the left and the right leg. Practically speaking, the term binary means two hence, it is only right for it to have two legs for every representative. In the said plan, what will usually happen is that you will have the ability of building one leg and then your up line will build the other leg.


Hence, the third representative that you will be sponsoring will be placed under the wings of somebody else the down line that you have as you there is no way for you to build a third leg. In normal circumstances, what will happen is that the person above you or your up line will end up building a power leg for you, and that will go on and on. But then again, you will be paid on the smaller leg you have alone.  Whichever way might it be, the size of the smaller leg will be the one to measure the profit that you will be getting. Watch to know more about compensation.


On the other hand, when it comes to the unilevel compensation plan, you are building levels hence, you get to sponsor lots of distributors and search for leaders that are already belonging to your organization. In this kind of plan, what will happen is that you first level members are the ones you will be sponsoring personally. When the person or the people who are under this level sponsored somebody else, that person being sponsored will now become part of the second level and the list goes on and on.



You will receive payment up to the fourth or even to the eight level of our team therefore, it is only wise for you to put everyone you are sponsoring in your own front line. It is best for you to avoid missing out any commissions by putting people under others. You have to be the one building your first level first. Read here for compensation software reviews